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Your First Visit

Your First Visit
Take a good look and see if we are for real. At Comstock Church of Christ you will find that "most of us are like the rest of us." We're real people (with real problems) who have found a real hope in a real relationship with a real God through Jesus Christ.

Real People
Isn't it amazing that somewhere along the way "church' people are no longer regular/ normal people? How did that happen? You will find that the people who attend here are no different from those you work with, play with and live with. We have struggles, insecurities, difficulties, and discouragements. Who doesn't? What we do have is a community of people who accept us where we are, support us as we stand, encourage us as we go, love us through thick and thin, respect us for trying to do the right thing and serve us while we serve others.

Real Hope
There is something enslaving about excuse . . . self-pity, victim syndrome, addiction, personality defect, dysfunctional childhood . . . you won't find us enabling such hearts. You will find ministry, instruction from God's word and power through the Holy Spirit. Real life-change is what our hope is based on.

Real Relationship
Is our relationship with God the #1 priority in our life? The Sunday school answer is always the easiest . . . but real relationship is visible, isn't it? This isn't religion built on ritual that makes us feel we have been to church. This is relationship built on real intimacy of give and take.

Real God
We believe in a heavenly Father who is personal and desiring a close intimate fellowship with each of us. We don't buy into the cosmic gunslinger or the long bearded old man image of God. We see His fingerprints all over this created world and especially in the lives of those among us. We don't set out to prove His existence but to show it.

What's Missing?
Much in our culture is skin deep/ superficial. Sorry to say, this also includes churches. Why? Too many churches fail to "keep it real". So, you tell us: What's missing?